Better poly than sorry!

Code Mesh '15 conference

The first day of the conference is nearing an end right now, I don't have much time, but I decided to at least enumerate the talks I attended. I'll probably try expending on them later in the evening.

  1. Reducing the Slippery Surface of Failure with Dependent Types - a talk about dependent types in Scala, and their applications. Examples given were: command line parsing, string internationalization.
  2. Concurrency + Distribution = Scalability + Availability, a Journey architecting Erlang Systems - very interesting talk about the higher-level things you need to think about when desigining any kind of distributed system.
  3. The Pendulum - batch processing vs. interactive computing in the eyes of Bruce Tate. Some interesting anecdotes about the history of computing, Java and scalability.
  4. Function-Passing, A New Model for Typed, Asynchronous and Distributed Programming - another Scala-themed talk, this time about a "new" model of distributed programming. If I understand the concept correctly it's not exactly new, for example PicoLisp uses something rather similar. But, this being Scala, this approach guarantees static, compile-time checking for functions which are not suitable for passing around.