Better poly than sorry!

Hidden Emacs command that's a real gem

I have no idea how it happened, but somehow for the last 3 years I missed a very useful command, called finder-by-keyword.

The command is almost undocumented, there's only a short explanation of what the module (finder.el) does:

;; This mode uses the Keywords library header to provide code-finding
;; services by keyword.

By default it's bound to C-h p. It let's you browse built-in packages by keyword, like "abbrev", "convenience", "tools" and so on. It's great for discovering packages you didn't know existed!

The module seems to come from 1992 though, which makes it ignore all the libraries installed via package.el. It shouldn't be that hard to make it search all the package directories too. Actually, that's my main problem with package.el - it only provides a simple, flat list view of the package. This little tool is much better for browsing packages lists, and it's even already written.