Better poly than sorry!

Better blog generator - with RSS feed!

You can now subscribe to RSS feed for this blog!

RSS feed

As you can probably guess with a quick glance, this blog is self-hosted by me and is a result of "static page generation", which means there's a bunch of files and a few scripts which output all the needed HTML/CSS/JS to run the site, you just upload it to the server and you're done. This approach is very popular lately and many bloggers do the same.

One - slightly - unusual bit is that I wrote all of the generators and scripts myself, from scratch (using mainly Python). This means, among other things, that I have no pile of already written plugins or modules I could resort to in case I found my generator lacks an important feature...

For a long time I was pretty much the only user of both the generator and the blog, so I didn't mind. Recently, though, quite a few people who said they'd like to read my next post (my prospective readers! Finally, after four years, I have a chance to get my very own readers! ...err, sorry, got a bit too happy there for a moment...) suggested adding RSS feed to the blog.

I had known nothing about RSS and it took a couple of hours, but I finally added RSS feed generation to my scripts. Now every time I publish a post, a new /statics/feed.xml gets generated and, hopefuly, every subscriber will be notified![1] Even better, you will be even notified about post updates (probably)!

Thank you! (Or: Rkt vs. Clj is comming!)

Ok, so I know simply adding RSS feed is hardly important enough to write a post about it, so here is the other part: thank you very much! All of you who upvoted my comment on Hacker News or even sent me an email - only to encourage me to write the promised post, thank you. It's thanks to you that I got motivated enough to finally start writing that post about Clojure and Racket comparison.

Please stay tuned and be patient: it's a lot of work, especially because I want to stay as fair as possible and give as many detailed examples as possible (without copyright-related problems).

So, once again, thank you for expressing your interest in my future post and please stay patient while waiting for me to finish; I'll try my best, on my part, to write it all well and on time!

  • Let me know if it doesn't work for you or your reader! I don't know much about RSS and could have messed up).