Better poly than sorry!

Upgrading Fedora 20 to 25

Apparently, I can't directly upgrade to whichever version I choose, I need to go one by one, doing fedora-upgrade and rebooting in a loop as needed.

I realize that my case is somewhat extreme, but watching the same set of packages getting downloaded five times (~640MB each time) feels wrong somehow.

The good news are that the upgrade took its time, but in the end finished successfully. Quite a feat for that large defference in versions: default package manager and system upgrade tools changed in the meantime, but still managed to produce a working system with minimal fuss.

Damn, I'm getting back to Linux as fast as I find a decent laptop; working on Mac OS - although, with effort, made vaguely ok - is tiring as I need to cope with all the "oh, it doesn't work that way here" moments...